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Tips on avoiding most common mistakes in Yoga

Updated: Jun 16, 2018

The Best Project You'LL Ever Work On is You

Yoga class can be difficult. Especially when you’re not one of the bendy or coordinated ones, it can feel awkward and uncomfortable in a hurry. If you’ve started and stopped a yoga practice time and time again because classes made you uncomfortable, it’s time to face your fears—and attend one of Perfect Brow Threading Spa's Yoga Class made specially for guests who feel uncomfortable in a large studio. Here are 7 Mistakes to avoid.

1) Mistake: Forcing yourself to a wrong posture

Every yoga teacher will tell you to not force your self to a wrong posture, but when you’re in a class and everyone else is forward-folding and getting their forehead to their knees, it can be tempting to just curl your upper back over and bend as much as you can, ignoring the point of the fold. (The point, by the way, is to fold while keeping your back straight—it’s more about the hips and hamstrings, and bending at the back pretty much negates the work you’re doing there.)

2) Mistake: Being flexible does not mean you win

Really, it doesn’t. You’ve probably heard that yoga isn’t just for stretchy people—it’s a movement style designed to benefit any type of person. And that means that the least flexible people are often the ones to benefit the most! Also, more often than not, extreme flexibility is a product of hyper-mobility. So don’t stress when you can’t get your legs to bend the same way as everyone else.

3) Mistake: Fixating on the person in front of you in tree pose

The one thing that even a non-bendy person can work on is balance, and usually, that involves standing on one leg and holding a pose. Even the super-flexible people get wobbly , but if you simply pick a stationary object to stare at while you’re holding the pose, you’ll have a much easier time staying upright. Don’t look at the person in front of you—he or she will be moving, even if only slightly. Rather, focus on a water bottle, a spot on the wall, the design of a yoga mat… anything that won’t move during the pose. Try to avoid using your peripheral vision to keep track of movement, and tune into the fixed object. Our Private like studio help you to get the focused correct.

4) Mistake: Pick a class based on its name

Read the description before you commit to a class. For most studios, a Vinyasa flow will vary, sometime it is same as a Hatha, and other times, Vinyasa can be a sweaty, hot sequence, or it can be super-gentle. Ultimately, class titles can be different for each studio, so take the time to read the descriptions provided about each class instead. If you’re still not sure what you’d like to sign up for, try calling or emailing the studio. Perfect Brow Threading offers discounted trial class for your first class.

5) Mistake: Thinking, you can’t meditate

Trying to meditate is better than not trying—and with many studies touting the benefits of meditation, it’s silly to skip it. Even if you’ve never succeeded in clearing your head during a guided meditation, it’s worth the quiet time on the mat and attempting to clear your mind. It definitely won’t clear every time, but even a quieted mind can feel a million times better when you leave class. So next time your teacher says that you’re doing a silent meditation (or even one with chanting involved), resist the urge to roll your eyes and groan, and the benefits will come.

6) Mistake: Thinking, Everyone is looking at me

In yoga, as you’re attempting to smoothly balance/wobble significantly in tree pose, it can feel like everyone is watching you. Rest assure that everyone is trying to concentrate on getting their own movement perfected.

7) Mistake: Sneak out ahead of savasana

The last posture of almost any yoga class is the one lying in "corpse pose" on the mat for a few minutes, letting your body relax and "absorb" the work you’ve done. If you’re there for a workout, this part can feel superfluous, and you might be tempted to quietly roll up your mat and peace out a little early, but try to make it through the whole session. On the physical side, the down-regulation of your nervous system from lying there can make you feel amazing afterward, if you let it. At Perfect Brow Threading we offer hot towels to with Lavender to soak in the goodness of relaxation.

And last pro tip: If you’re not into the spiritual side of yoga, you don’t need to “namaste” at the end of a session or “ommm” along with the class. Teachers are fine if you elect to stay silent, as long as you’re respectful about it.

This article appeared in Nylon and has been modified for our readers.

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