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We all love Ingrown Hair

NOT! We all hate Ingrown Hair! So, just what in an ingrown hair?

An ingrown hair is a condition where the hair doesn't grow up to the skin surface. The hair instead gets trapped and grows under the skin and grows side ways. The most common areas are along the bikini line, and some time around chin area. Ingrown hairs are not serious, but they can be irritating and em

barrassing, Occasionally you may need to have a doctor look at it. What are the main causes?

  • Broken/Snapped Hair While Waxing.

  • Bacteria trapped due to not Exfoliating on a Regular Basis (Clogged Dead Skin).

  • Tight Clothes Block The Hair From Getting to the Surface.

So how to Prevent or Reduce?

Exfoliate on a daily basis, this helps to remove dead skin build up, it increases blood flow which in turn draws blood flow which in turn draws infection and the hair to the surface to be released. Use

our newest product Scrub me Luscious, which is a full body micodermabrassion cream that gently removes the dead skin. We also recommended bringing Polysporin to your waxing appointment if you are someone who is very prone to ingrown hair.

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