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To Perfect Brow Threading Spa and Wellness. Based in Farmington Hills, Michigan is a Full Beauty, Body and Mind Salon and Spa

Perfect Brow Threading and Spa's mission is to provide India's century proven threading, facial, waxing and wellness techniques and inspire every guest to achieve their personal best with beauty and well being.


We believe that there is something beautiful in everyone and there is no age limit to elegance, balance and bliss. We have created a salon and spa environment where Inner and Outer beauty combines with wellness to provide a memorable and exceptional service.

We all know how important brows are to your face. Look and feel satisfied with the service you will receive. Our highly trained staff are here to tackle all your hair rem...
Eyebrow Threading or Waxing
15 min

Creating healthy habits isn't easy. We believe that practice of aligning, balancing and activating Chakras not only disciplines your body, but it also helps you discipline your mind. It helps you  to raise your metabolism, increase your willpower, and heighten your body awareness. It can also improve your posture, balance, flexibility, and strength. Choose from various practices and join us to a happier inside. 


Corporate Yoga Sessions

Corporate Yoga Sessions Available